Anonymous: You two are not fit for raising a child. I feel bad for your kid.



I mean she may only be 7 months old but so far she hasn’t sent anyone anon hate so I think we’re doing better job than your parents did, just saying.

that was brutal



One day in Disneyland I decided to hunt down all the Princesses because I was so inspired with this photo series “#followmeto.” So I present to you the DISNEY PRINCESS VERSION OF IT!

It took me a day to find 8 of them, and two of them took me the next day because all the Princesses leave once the sun goes down in Disneyland. BUT I HAD A BLAST WITH ALL OF THEM! I HAD SO MUCH FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN with these photoshoots. If you want me to post the ones with the Classic characters and the other ones too just message me! PLEASE DON’T REPOST! JUST REBLOG! OR IF YOU DO, JUST TAG, @frncissdominc! I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY THESE AS MUCH AS I HAVE TAKEN THEM! :D! 


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  • rowena: i'm looking over the plans
  • godric: yeah
  • rowena: what's this weird series of rooms accessible only by a hatch in a room on the right hand side of the third floor corridor
  • godric: oh that's for if we ever need to hide a priceless artifact for some reason
  • rowena: why would we hide a priceless artifact in a school
  • godric: safest place
  • rowena: fucking is it though?? there's a giant snake somewhere
  • [in the distance]
  • salazar: there's no snake you are wrong stop being wrong



what am I supposed to be afraid of pillows or something

but you, unlike me, are a git

the poor toilet’s never had anything as horrible as your head down it- it might be sick

there’s no need to call me ‘sir,’ Professor

and they’d love to have me, we’d be best pals if they didn’t keep trying to do me in

are you actually as stupid as you look?

 #rip sarcastic harry

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Imagine that at the end of Dumbledore’s speech at the beginning of the year, he asks if there are any questions, and one first year muggleborn kid raises his hand, whips out a smart phone and asks for the wifi password.

And then Dumbledore just casually says “Sherbet lemon, with a capital S”, and commences the feast like it’s no big deal while the non-muggleborns think WIFI is some sort of secret society.

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people can talk about how great other out-of-context quotes are but nothing will ever compare to the raw majesty of

"I DON’T BELIEVE IT!" Hermione screamed.
Lupin let go of Black and turned to her. She had raised herself off the floor and was pointing at Lupin, wild-eyed. “You—you—”
"—you and him!" 

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in villages and collectivist societies, everyone at every age has a role. teenagers learn to care for elders; elders watch the children while the adults work; children play and learn to do tasks appropriate to their age. everyone deals with birth, with sickness, with age, and with death.

in this country, i regularly meet men and women in their twenties who don’t know how to carry an infant. in this country, children put their parents into nursing homes when they begin to get old and sick - if they’re lucky, anyway. the unlucky ones (read: the brown ones) continue to work shitty jobs until they are unable to, and maybe even past then. my 70-something year-old grandmother works at wendy’s. in this country, you will spend your childhood with other children, your teens with other teens, your twenties with other twenty year-olds, and your old age with old people. in this country, you are only worth being cared for and learned from if you can make money. what use does capitalism have for disabled people who can’t work, for the crippled elderly, even for children? none. so we put them away. 

i want to live in a world where my nani tends the garden when she’s well and tells me about bangladesh and what it’s like to get old. where young people learn to care for their sick and raise their young with the help of their parents. where children look up to their grandparents as more than gift-givers and then, in time, burdens. i want the inherent worth of every person to be preserved and honored. i want dignity for the old. i don’t want to live in this world. 

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My father tells me that I’m too loud
but he hasn’t yet figured out that
I inherited it from him,
that some traits were passed down

to his daughters
even though he wanted to see them

in sons.

Had I been a boy, he would’ve told me

to shout louder,

the the world wants to hear

what a man has to say.

I’ll keep shouting until someone listens,
until I wake up god from a peaceful
night’s sleep.

He created all men equally,
where do I fit in?


my dad is a cop and i just called him and he was like “hey i have a 17 year old boy in the back of my cop car right now that i’m running him to the station” and i asked if he was cute and my dad said “Hey, my daughter wants to know if you’re cute” and the guy said “i want to say yes, sir” and my dad started laughing so hard

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